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LSA Racing Starters
Triumph TR6 IMI Hi Torque

We have a full line of starters for just about any race application.  From the common Chevy and Ford applications to the not so common Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Chrysler starters; we can provide high torque direct drive standard body size or lightweight gear reduction variants.  We also carry the IMI-HI torque line of starters.  They are OE denso starters using billet de mounting housings for all domestic applications.

Our import coverage for racing starters offer our customers a lightweight and more powerful starter for most import race applications.  The IME-HI Torque line offers the best torque and RPM output ratings compared to other starters on the market.  Rotatable housings allow the user the flexibility to mount the starters in various positions to allow clearance for custom oil pans and exhaust systems.  From Lotus to MG to Jaguar or Alfa Romeo, we have your application covered.