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LSA Racing Alternators

Whether you are looking for a 140a alternator to power your electric fuel pump and radiator fans or a lightweight mini alternator, we have it or will gladly custom build it for you.  From the standard GM-Delco alternator from 60 amps to 180 amps, or an eight pound Denso 1 wire unit, all your bases are covered with our extensive inventory and product knowledge.

All of our race alternators are offered as conventional “plug-in” type or as a simple one wire set up.  All of our in house built units feature premium bearings and electronics.  They are fully load tested from turn-on speed to 6,000 rotor RPM to insure charging across the full RPM range.  We also ballence and match the stator and rotors to insure they turn on at low RPM.  We stress this fact because some of the “mail-order” units that customers bring us are not the amperage they claim to be or do not charge until high RPM is reached.

Call us with your specific application.