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8247 - Delphi alternator, Chevy/GMC trucksLSA Automotive Alternators

Automotive alternator rebuilding has always been a focal point of our business, and quality, over all the other factors, is stressed in the products we offer.  Our in-house rebuilding allows us to control the quality of the components we use, and every rebuilt alternator undergoes thorough testing.  Average parts store’s remanufactured starters and alternators are sold on cost alone, our products are sold on total value, including quality, cost, and service. 

All of our alternators are completely taken apart and thoroughly cleaned.  The housings are shot-blasted to not only make the units appear new, but also to check for cracks or defects.  We only use premium bearings, and all stators and rotors are checked with high-current test equipment.  Regulators and brush assemblies are also replaced, and tested on a state-of-the-art test bench.  Voltage and amperage outputs are tested.  The ripple voltage is analyzed from engine idle speed to maximum rpm.  All of our starters and alternators are tested upon completion, and again before shipping, insuring they function properly when installed. 

We also offer a large inventory of new alternators from many original equipment suppliers, as well as high-quality after market suppliers.  All of our new units are tested before they are placed in our inventory to insure proper function.  These extra steps of testing ensure fewer problems for our customers. 

So, if you need an alternator off the shelf for a quick installation, or desire to have your own rebuilt, we will be happy to accommodate you.